Celina Vleugels

Celina Vleugels

Celina Vleugels (°1996, Belgium)

Celina graduated in painting from Luca School of the Arts in 2019. Currently she is mainly working with textile, creating three dimensional paintings with much texture that stimulate the senses. Her textile works are a conglomerate of different layers, each telling their own story, stacked on top of each other.


Celina Vleugels
When our Shoulder blades kissed, 2022
Wet felting technique
52 x 43,5 cm

Celina Vleugels
If only you came back, 2022
Dry felt and wool on wet felting technique
50 x 38,5 cm

Celina Vleugels
Moonflower, 2022
Dry felt, hand embroidery and wool on wet felting technique
116 x 55 cm

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