Céline Mathieu

Céline Mathieu

Céline Mathieu
(°1989, BE)
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium.

In various media, Céline Mathieu mingles linguistic and bodily sensibilities with an element of play. Often executed in temporary solid materials (from performance to plasticine sculptures and printed matter), she is interested in what can not quite be pinpointed. Fluid modes of production (hypnosis), appropriations from what could be categorised as “light medicine”, the work is at once conceptual and sensory. Changing states of being and a feeling of 'falling away' wire through all the pieces. The context in which the work is shown strongly directs her practice, which is emphasised by the way elements of display and textual components of the exhibition are incorporated as cohesive parts of the work.

Céline Mathieu has presented her work at Kunsthal Extra City Antwerp, Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, Gr_und Berlin, Lebensmittel Berlin, Corridor Amsterdam, CLAPTRAP Antwerp, MuZee Ostend, Antwerp Art Weekend, New York Fashion Week, Vooruit Gent (Self Luminous Society), La Virreina Barcelona, AAIR. She was part of artist programmes at Lios Labs (2022), AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz (with CMMC, 2021), Rupert Vilnius, Lithuania (2020), Kunsthuis SYB, AAIR (2018) and BAR Barcelona (2019), after finishing her Advanced Master in Research in Art and Design. In 2022, she did a research at The Royal Antwerp Academy titled 'Conditions for Raw Materials'.

(info taken from her website)


Céline Mathieu
Teeth, 2023
Second hand earrings, images for online sale
Two photos (included)

  • Earrings: 1,2 x 1,4 x 0,8 cm
  • Pictures: 10,2 x 16, 4 cm

Céline Mathieu
Framed Teeth I, 2023
Online sale image of secondhand earrings
Picture: 7 x 11 cm
Frame: 25,5 x 31,3 cm
Edition of 3 plus 1 AP & 1 EC

Céline Mathieu
Apricots, 2023
fabric, egg yolk, salt, lamp
17 x 27 cm

Céline Mathieu
Stool, 2023
Stool, fabric, horsehair, chocotoff
~ 14 x 28 x 42 cm

Céline Mathieu
Practical Self Reliance, 2023
Three META drawers, sound absorbing material, salt cured egg yolks, photograph of Rachel Robinett's fridge
Sotheby's Screenshots (included)
Audio (included)
324 x 60 x 10 cm

Céline Mathieu
Sotheby's Screenshots [Framed Teeth II], 2023
Digital/print file, accompanying audio message
21 x 29,7 cm

Céline Mathieu
Sugar, 2023
Fridge, gallery worker’s lunch, handwritten note
39 x 45 x 188 cm


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