Joakim Ojanen

Joakim Ojanen

Joakim Ojanen (°1985, Sweden)
Ojanen is an artist with an eye for the absurd. In terms of materials he has a flittering approach, but an intrinsic
style is consistently evident. Whether it be an oil painting or sculptures cascading in ceramic, his work is rich in
weird and wonderful expressions. Ojanen uses his work to communicate pieces of himself that are hard to render because they border the socially acceptable. Through a visual vocabulary of comic book-like characters and expressive paint strokes he talks about essential human emotions, relations and insecurities.


Joakim Ojanen
A Friend For Rainy Days, 2020
9cm Tall
Edition of 20

Joakim Ojanen
Sports used to be a major thing in my life, now I just enjoy having balls around me, 2020
Glazed ceramics
56 x 30 x 42 cm
about 15kg

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