Léon Wuidar

Léon Wuidar

Léon Wuidar °1938 Liège, Belgium

Known for his geometric abstractions, Wuidar is one of those rare artists who defies modes and lightning strikes. For him, geometry is more of a mental thing, which stems from architectural plasticity. The artist draws his inspiration from linear concepts and brings it to fruition with the use of vibrant colors. Harmony, precision, discipline, and accuracy are the key elements of his oeuvre. It is in voluntary isolation that Wuidar patiently paints, draws, and engraves, never having to draw reference from any imaging of reality. (Paul Durand)


Léon Wuidar
Avril 92, 1992
Oil on canvas
100 x 100 x 3 cm
Courtesy Rodolphe Janssen

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