Antwan Horfee, Tom Volkaert, Stevie Dix, Jenny Brosinski
Make Your Mark

plus-one gallery, (new south)

Make Your Mark

Opening on 01.09.18 from 14h - 18h

Four young and promising artists, making their mark on the contemporary art scene. At the start of this new art season, PLUS-ONE Gallery brings together Jenny Brosinski, Stevie Dix, Antwan Horfee and Tom Volkaert in a group show that honours their individual practice and their professional respect for each other. What binds them is not necessarily an aesthetic similarity, but rather a spontaneous materiality and their closeness to the gallery's young and open-minded DNA.

Ever since primitive times, humans have felt the need to make their mark. Mysterious prehistoric cave paintings mark the very beginning of visual art as an important form of expression. One basic condition for art is leaving a visible trace on a physical bearer. These four artists are taking this premise quite seriously, all the while focusing on the specific mark-making aspects of their chosen materials, ranging from spray paint, tube paint and pencil, to found objects and ceramics.

These four artists, with completely different backgrounds, are remarkable in a very diverse and wider-than-ever contemporary art scene. Their works are signs of the times, inspired by popular culture, reflecting on the standards of art history and experimenting with less conventional materials. This results in often slightly distorted or uncanny imageries. Brosinski, Dix, Horfee, and Volkaert are hopeful and daring artists. It takes bravery to confront the art world and utter subtle critiques towards art history and its conventions.

PLUS-ONE Gallery also chooses to slightly bend conventions, by not giving these artists a solo show this time, nor by letting a pompous concept dominate their works, but rather by placing them in a loose dialogue about (the future of) contemporary art.

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