Nel Aerts, William Ludwig Lutgens, Kasper De Vos, Filip Vervaet, Baldvin Einarsson, Dennis Tyfus & Antoine Vandewoude
Off Balance

plus-one gallery, (new south)

Off Balance
19.1O.19 – 24.11.19

PLUS – ONE Gallery presents OFF BALANCE.
A group exhibition with works from gallery artists Kasper De Vos, Nel Aerts, Filip Vervaet, William Ludwig Lutgens and Dennis Tyfus & Antoine Vandewoude, Baldvin Einarsson.

Rather than showing a chain of selected objects within a curatorial frame, OFF BALANCE aims to expose an internal story. The exhibition shifts focus from how we work to how we engage. This group exhibition presents the work of different gallery artists. They find their place next to or across fom one another.

The central question is ‘how can we move forward together?’ As aways we are looking at art for answers by exhibiting and examining various artworks. What brings them to falter and how can this be counterbalanced?

Kasper De Vos seeks for the same answers in his work ‘Sense of balance’. Not only in the foundations of sculpture, but equally in those of the entire art world. Artists Filip Vervaet and Baldvin Einarsson are looking for balance in a composition, the equilibrium between a material and a spiritual world.

The paintings of Nel Aerts are dubious and layered, they are bridging between consciousness and dreams. In her work, a tumultous parade of characters passes through who alternately expose or hide the artist's identity, they balance on the thin cord between tragedy and humour. William Ludwig Lutgens dances on the same cord. In his fluid practice, he disrupts the rules of the game and provokes misunderstandings. Critical engagement becomes playful and humorous.

Dennis Tyfus & Antoine Vandewoude created a new work together for this exhibition. They investigate how art can play a role in the daily life. They confuse common objects with art, and also allow this confusion to happen.

This exhibition doesn’t try to maintain the delicate balance of a group show, but whishes to show the interdependence between different artists who are under the same roof.
The exhibition searches for answers while putting them off balance.

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