Carole Vanderlinden Serpentin, 2019 Oil on canvas 84,5 x 68 cm

Carole Vanderlinden
À Double Face

plus-one gallery, (new south)

Carole Vanderlinden makes paintings. Like almost all painters, she draws too. You could say that Vanderlinden’s work rises up out of her sketchbooks, which don’t contain preparatory studies in the classic sense, but rather visual jottings: a constant stream of copied things and small formal experiments, sometimes interspersed with a quote she has found. And sometimes that stream generates separate drawings or paintings.

This practice does not produce a rigid programme – or well-rounded artistry. Vanderlinden is not a thematic artist. She gives pressing matters pertaining to the ‘real’ world a wide berth. Neither does she make series, held together for example by theoretical assumptions, clear concepts, de ning prac- tices, sustained procedures... There is a certain unity, but it consists mainly in recurring forms, colours and strewn motifs. They are perhaps no more than repeated movements in lling in the graphic or pictorial space, inherently her own and at the same time impersonal, like a fascination.

  • Koen Sels
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