Céline Mathieu, 'Hifi Stereo Vacuum Tube'


In her first exhibition in a commercial gallery, Céline Mathieu (1989, Belgium) looks into the (in)visible circulation of goods. The idea of a constant stream of material and its crossings with value, economy and feelings, forms the basis for Hifi Stereo Vacuum Tube. Her practice is both conceptual and sensory, and sound sets a slightly hypnotic tone. As often in her performative installations, the exhibition is site-and-condition specific. At PLUS-ONE Gallery she gives insight into the fridge/gut of the gallery workers, shares author rights to an influencer's image, and plays on the home interior of potential buyers.

In her broader research 'Conditions for Raw Materials', Céline looks for ways to make exhibitions without being left with material to store after the exhibition. She makes transparent the (buying/selling) value of her work, by f.e. selling work at the price of her rent. Through text, she seeks ways to translate and archive subtleties of a viewing experience and the thinking that goes into her installations.

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24.06 — 27.08.2023

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