'A moment', Ritsart Gobyn at Tesoro Collection (Amsterdam, NL)


PLUS-ONE Gallery is happy to share that Ritsart Gobyn will participate in the group exhibition 'A moment' at The Tesoro Collection, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

"At first sight my paintings appear to be a random collection of traces of a creative process. Paint splashes, smudges, wood remnants, pieces of tape or shreds of paper cover unprimed pieces of linen. (...) I use this trompe l'oeil as an image strategy to make the viewer aware of the creation process through the illusion of the result. It evokes a feeling of coincidence and temporality, but it is ultimately a considered and timeless composition."

The collective exhibition will be on view from April 8 until April 17 at Bethanienstraat 39, Amsterdam.

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