‘Cascade’ by Filip Vervaet – solo exhibition at Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, NL)


Waterfalls, rugged rock formations that still display the traces of the sculptor’s hand – in this exhibition, Filip Vervaet bends nature to his will. His monumental sculptures offer visitors a viewing experience that is both disconcerting and sensorially stimulating. While his works refer to traditional sculpture, they have a contemporary and even science fiction feel about them. Vervaet transforms the theatre space at de Brakke Grond into a parallel world. A sculptural gateway marks the transition to this alienating ‘landscape’ in which the artist constantly plays with our perceptions.

Cascade is the first major solo exhibition of Filip Vervaet (Mechelen, 1977) in the Netherlands. For this exhibition, de Brakke Grond collaborates with De Warande in Turnhout, where his work was shown in Up on the hill, Down by the river in 2019. Earlier this year Vervaet also exhibited an installation at the Lustwarande in Tilburg. The exhibition Cascade is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Mondriaan Fund.

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