Gesamtkunstwerk Tatjana Gerhard in church, Boekhoute


In collaboration with architectural firm Bart Dehaene, Tatjana Gerhard's new art integration was realized as a gesamtkunstwerk for the redevelopment of the 'Heilig Kruiskerk' in Boekhoute.

Artist Tatjana Gerhard has drawn out a line pattern with paint in horizontal and vertical stripes. Everything was set in a transparent yellow paint and painted over with coarse brush. The applied drawing of hand-painted lines completes the 'box' that is used multifunctionally: there are several floors that serve as kitchen, playroom, classroom or study area, receptions,....

'At first glance, Tatjana Gerhard's intervention for the volume in the church of Boekhoute seems far away from what we know of the artist. The opposite is true. I read it as the enlargement of an already existing fragment from a painting that now behaves as a mural. The grid applied in paint by hand to the classical architectural volume designed by Bart Dehaene looks like a veil or a sheet that shields or covers this volume.' - Philippe Van Cauteren

A project from Tatjana Gerhard, in collaboration with G-Build en architectenbureau Bart Dehaene.

Images by g2bvba.

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