Nel Aerts Ik zit hier hé, 2015 Acrylic on paper on wood, burnt drawing, artist made frame 126 x 98 cm
Nel Aerts Splits (Stage Fright), 2015-2020 Acrylic, spray paint, pastel, ballpoint pen, glitter and coloured pencil on wood In artist-made frame 45,5 x 33 cm
Nel Aerts Dear Night, Will We Part Ways?, 2019-2020 Acrylic, oil sticks, oil medium, filler, sequins, glitter, paper on wood 61 x 56 cm

Group expo 'Unreadiness' at Roger Raveel Museum


On Sunday, April 16 the exhibition 'Unreadiness' at Roger Raveel Museum opens up: a group expo with Nel Aerts, Jan Vercruyssen and John Murphy.

"From 16 April to 10 September, 2023, the Roger Raveel Museum brings together works by Jan Vercruysse (1948-2018), Nel Aerts (1987) and John Murphy (1945). The title of the exhibition, Unreadiness, is taken from Giacomo Joyce, a sixteen-page text written by James Joyce during his stay in Trieste in 1914 and published posthumously in 1968.[1] In this love story, Joyce expresses feelings of loneliness, loss and desire. The text forms a tangle of references hidden behind a veil of personal connotations and universal archetypes...."

"The general mood in many of the works is that of melancholy, an undefinable sense of loss and longing. Like a ship floating off course on an open sea, the artist feels stricken by loneliness and seeks to express this existential dread through a doppelganger, a character based on themselves. Watching and being watched go hand in hand. The works in this exhibition seem to exist in another, self-enclosed dimension, at a remove from the viewer..."

"Unreadiness connects works by artists from two different generations and artworks from different periods, ranging from the early 1980 to 2022. The underlying question about the status and place of art today is more topical than ever. The exhibition attempts to provide an answer to a world that is both unsated and insatiable. Turned in on themselves like hermetic machines, the artworks invite the visitor to come closer and become acquainted with their strange forms, their images whose tranquil beauty – sometimes absurd but always sincere – has the power to touch and move us."

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Opening: Sunday 16 april 2023, 11 am - 5 pm

From 16 April to 10 September, 2023, @ the Roger Raveel Museum

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