Kasper De Vos for INBOX, M HKA


It is clear. It is empty. My spirit is anguished by color. Color is the sign of the existence of life. I feel like believing, being in a state of pure belief, of affirmation. I exist because I see colors. Sometimes, at other moments, it is as if I didn’t exist, when colors seem foreign, unreachable, impregnable fortresses. But there is no possession of color, only the acceptance of its reality. And if there is no possibility for the possession of color, there is no possession at all. Of whatever it is.

Etel Adnan, Journey to Mount Tamalpais

Book launch 'UNO', monograph of Kasper De Vos + signing session

& artist talk (Johan Pas will talk to Kasper De Vos)

SUNDAY 5.12.2021 - 15h

Auditorium - 3rd floor

The book 'UNO' is published by Stockmans Art Books in collaboration with PLUS-ONE Gallery.

in collaboration with PLUS-ONE Gallery.

208 pp.; 187 x 290 mm; softcover

Text contributions by Michaël Remoortere, Antony Hudek, Sofie Gielis, Vincent Van Meenen

From December for sale in our shop at € 35.

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