Celebrating the launch of the Antwerp Cyber-Six by Mutani


To celebrate the launch of the Antwerp Cyber-Six!

Join the MUTANI team, the Cyber-Six designers and the creative community of Antwerp to celebrate.

Watch the preview video on Youtube by clicking this link

MUTANI recklessly traverses the lines between fashion, games, fine-art and cinema with the launch of their Antwerp Cyber-Six presentation and PLAYAR experience - opening Friday 17th February at PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp.

Read the article by clicking this link for more about the Antwerp Cyber-Six


PLUS-ONE Gallery, is an Antwerp-based contemporary art gallery that represents and exhibits Belgian and international artists. The name '+1' stands for 'more': the gallery strives for more openness concerning collaboration, more transparency, more Antwerp, more adventure and long-term thinking.

With an approach closely linked to the web3 ethea: initiating cross-platform connections, community driven collaborations and digital/physical layered experiences. PLUS-ONE and MUTANI have aptly joined forces for the launch of an experiential presentation of the Antwerp Cyber-Six…

The presentation will showcase yet-unseen animations.

Introducing each of the Cyber-Six characters as they spawn into a custom built environment, modeled on the CERN particle accelerator - come portal to new worlds. The protagonists (and some antagonists) are set in motion to the tailor-made synth sounds of Belgian electronic music composer, Roman Hiele.

Showcased on-screen at high resolution, to kick-off a new year fashion revolution.

These cinematic works are displayed atop a sculptural structure alongside turntables and detailed renders of each silhouette. With the opportunity to be immersed deeper in an interactive AR experience produced by leading Belgian XR studio, PLAYAR.

**PLUS-ONE and MUTANI invite you to an opening night at the gallery on 17th February from 5 - 8pm to celebrate the Antwerp Cyber-Six presentation and experience.

For those that cannot make it - The presentation will remain on view until 12th March 2023. PLUS-ONE Gallery is located at Léon Stynenstraat 21 and open from Tues - Sun, 1 - 6pm.**

Hope to see you there!

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