Nel Aerts at De Warande - expo De Nacht


The exhibition 'De Nacht' will open its doors to the public from 1 July.
Before artificial light existed, the night was full of darkness. Day and night were two different worlds. The night had its own culture, with its own rituals, smells, sounds and rules. The night was full of real and imaginary dangers. The night offered man the opportunity to escape from everyday reality, from social conventions and hierarchies.

Even today we experience the night as a special moment. The night transforms us. It can be a time to come to ourselves. It can also be a time to lose ourselves. This also happens when we sleep. Dreams and nightmares process emotions.

Many artists are therefore inspired by this world that is so well known and so unknown at the same time. That brings peace and excitement.

Participating artists:
Nel Aerts, Fred Bervoets, John Bijnens, David Claerbout, Felix De Clercq, Bieke Depoorter and Mattias De Craene, Danny Devos, Brecht Evens, Francisco Goya, Joris Ghekiere, Harry Gruyaert, Soham Gupta, Dr. Hugo Heyrman, Wouter Huis, Pieter Jennes, Natasja Kensmil, Frans Masereel, Laetitia Molenaar, Andreas Mühe, Hans Op de Beeck, Thomas Ruff, Stefan Serneels, George Shiras, Ben Sledsens, Helmut Smits, Léon Spilliaert, Dennis Tyfus, Nele Van Canneyt , Fik van Gestel, Jan Van Imschoot, Johannes Vogl, Peter H. Waterschoot, Kohei Yoshiyuki

This exhibition is a co-production of de Warande and STORMOPKOMST.

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