Now representing: Mevlana Lipp


After his participation in the group exhibition 'Lost in Translation' and his first solo exhibition, entitled 'Pacific', at PLUS-ONE Gallery, we are pleased to announce that we will be representing Mevlana Lipp from now on. We are looking forward to upcoming projects with this artist, such as the art fair Art Rotterdam, where we will show new work by Mevlana Lipp.

"In his works, I learn how everything alive is in constant contact. Every action has a reaction. Every detail is engaged in a constant exchange with the next. It is the intimate description of a state of oneness, a network of energy that flows through everything that lives. The choice of material emblematizes the acute state of humanity—of course absent—for it seems organic, but is an artificially made product of glue and wood. A dead product that appears alive, like a plastic plant or fruit as decoration. The forests are dying, the oceans are poisoned. The climate is changing. We know all that. And so I understand Mevlana Lipp’s work as a testimony: to the unity and the awareness of life and death, to memory and emotion, to the profound knowledge that all life is in a fine symbiosis."

Text by Vivien Greven
Translation: Dr. Brian Currid

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