Sergio De Beukelaer & Carole Vanderlinden for Pass 2021


8 weekends filled with art
Mullem Huise Wannegem Lede / Flemish Ardennes (Belgium)
PASS is a contemporary art festival taking place in four idyllic villages in the Flemish Ardennes.

It consists of a 11 km art walk through meadows, charming villages and picturesque churches, dotted with artworks by some 70 contemporary artists.

Next to the art walk, there is an accompanying program of performances, theatre and concerts.

Opening hours

Art walk: every Saturday and Sunday from 14 August to 3 October, from 12 to 18h.

Theatre, concerts & performances: see our agenda.

Art walk

The art walk is about 11 km long and runs through the villages Mullem, Huise, Wannegem and Lede. Some roads are unpaved, so we advise to wear walking shoes. A large part of the route can also be done by bicycle. Those who are less mobile can also plan a trip with horse and carriage (see below 'By horse & carriage').

For the art walk you need an entrance ticket (see below 'tickets'). Each ticket includes a map. You can also download the map as a PDF or in GPX format.

You can start the walk wherever you want. There is no fixed walking direction.


Tickets for the art walk are for sale in the Huise municipal complex (Huiseplein 18) and at the church in Wannegem (Huisepontweg 1). These tickets are not available online. Reservation is not possible.

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