Sergio De Beukelaer part of Antwerp's collection of art in public space.


The sculpture - Release ... by gallery artist Sergio De Beukelaer is part of Antwerp's collection of art in public space.

'- Release...' is an idiosyncratic interpretation of some specific local themes that inspired De Beukelaer. The sculpture depicts a semi-trailer, a familiar figure in the nearby port and industry. The perpendicular beam refers both to the truck's cargo - a container full of possibilities that can be unleashed into the world - and to the flat polder landscape. Like a bright pink horizon, the artwork welcomes residents and visitors to the district. The title of the work is like a drawing: a short line, three dots and a word: redemption, release. '- Release...' offers an unexpected interpretation of the environment and moves you to a different way of seeing.

The work '- Release...' will be on view in Berendrecht, a village in the harbor of Antwerp.
Photo: Dries Luyten
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