(sweatshirt.), Sergio De Beukelaer for 'Numbered By'


Numbered By and Sergio De Beukelaer joined forces to create two series of unique sweatshirts that reflect the core elements concept, color, formal variation and spaciousness of Sergio’s work. Within the idea of fabric, Sergio will always be inspired and driven by ‘canvas’ and his three-dimensional paintings called ‘fat.canvas’. This gives the opportunity to use different kinds
of materials to support the premiss of ‘spatial objects’.

Numbered By and Sergio De Beukelaer created a new image where shape, color and readable text come together. The light blue and pink color area refers to the background colors against which Sergio provides context for his artworks. The darker blue color area refers to the Marianne RydBerg Blue (MRB), the spectrum of blue colors that symbolize pure beauty for Sergio. Adding the typographic elements (cat.) (fat.canvas) (sweatshirt.) and Sergio De Beukelaer seems obvious but is well thought through.

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