'TOXIC HAWAII' Art Hack Antwerp by Victor Verhelst


'TOXIC HAWAII' Art Hack Antwerp is Victor Verhelst’s (°1997) virtual VR hijack of the physical collaborative booth by ‘PLUS-ONE Gallery’ and ‘Gallery Sofie Van de Velde’ during Art Antwerp where he presents both previous and new work from his current solo exhibition ‘TOXIC HAWAII’ at PLUS-ONE Gallery.

As scale and experience become more dynamic concepts - in the digital world - the limitations of the traditional physical art fair booth could not hold the ambitious artist back.

As a reaction Victor Verhelst created a virtual copy of the physical booth to host his personal solo in VR. Not only at Art Antwerp fair, but people all over the world can visit his virtual booth.

Visit the virtual solo exhibition for a browser experience or connect with your personal VR glasses by clicking the following link: 'TOXIC HAWAII' Art Hack Antwerp by Victor Verhelst

More information about his current solo exhibition in the physical gallery:
'TOXIC HAWAII' by Victor Verhelst at PLUS_ONE Gallery (South)

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