Victor Verhelst part of group exhibition 'select:deflect' at 'Onsteking' in Ghent.


Ontsteking Ghent presents groupshow: select:deflect

With works by: Arnaud Eubelen, Nadia Naveau, Middernacht & Alexander, Katleen Vinck, Victor Verhelst, Sam Kerckaert, Dries Boutsen, Charlotte Jonckheer, Ward Wijnant, Paola Siri Renard, Philip Metten and Bram Vanderbeke.

Objects to me are hidden forms and not collections of accessible qualities that can be listed in a ranking. The mode of existence of objects is a 'being cut off': they are cut off from relations, from their visible properties and also from their own histories. So many different histories may have been involved in the same object. However, not everything is retained: not by a long shot! But why then do I love listening to stories, and telling the story of an object's birth in all its detail? Perhaps it is because by telling the history of origin of an object you can avoid being deceived by its surface."
- Graham Harman

'select:deflect' showcases objects created by people who have the character of architect-makers within their practice. The emphasis is on transforming a personal story into an image through a planfulness that appears to produce supposedly too-perfect objects. By bringing these objects together, we seek to distil a humanity. Context, reference frame and interrelationships write new stories and evoke familiar images.

Ontsteking Ghent is an exhibition Platform / Project Space for Contemporary Art.

Opening: Friday March 17 from 6PM.

Opening hours:
Every Saturday and Sunday from 2PM till 7PM - 19:00h
Open on Easter Monday 10/04/2023
On Easter Sunday (09/04) the exhibition will be open from 11AM till 4PM
Also open by appointment

Chinastraat 1
9000 Ghent, BE

+324 95 480 229

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