William Ludwig Lutgens in 'The Clown Spirit' at Galleria Mucciaccia


William Ludwig Lutgens his work will be part of the group exhibition 'The Clown Spirit' at Galleria Mucciaccia in Rome.
‘The Clown Spirit – The Traveling Exhibition’, is hosted by curator Joanna De Vos and on view from May 24 until June 24, 2023.

Inspired by family history related to the circus, Joanna De Vos embraced this world of wonder as a theme. The artist, like the jester and the clown, keeps a finger on the pulse of humanity and society. Someone who can be permitted to play with truths and fictions and manages to expose the mechanisms of life - the circus of life. The artist positions himself as acatalyst of wonder and freedom, a symbol that invites us to reflect on the circus around us, and to get moving, as a wandering mind grasping at wonders and worlds.

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