Carole Vanderlinden, ’Mon Seul Désir’

Carole Vanderlinden, ’Mon Seul Désir’
€ 30.00

Published by Posture Editions, 2017
ISBN: 9789491262241
72 pages, 21 x 30 cm, Paperback, Dutch/English/French

Many artists are inspired by existing works of art or oeuvres, which they usually got to know during their childhood, often in books or magazines, sometimes in museums or galleries. Carole Vanderlinden also reads and browses many books, but she mainly visits many museums for ancient or ethnographic art. She does not so much look for works of art, but for events, drawings, objects, motifs, colors and rhythms that appeal to her. Twice I accompanied her on such a voyage of discovery, once in Brussels and once in Paris. Seemingly anything can captivate her: a Navajo carpet decorated with zigzag stripes, Egyptian alabaster jugs from 1500 BC, 18th century glazed biscuit from Tournai, a herbarium and so on. These motifs, often with accompanying texts, are copied in sketchbooks. Later they are repainted on paper, creating new combinations or compositions. It is striking that these works on paper usually remain very light, with many recesses, as minimal collages. The plaque "Mon seul désir" will appear on the occasion of this exhibition. The book is a sequel to the previously published "Nocturne" (2013). This time too it features reproductions of works on paper by Carole Vanderlinden and an onirical essay by Hans Theys, inspired by the works on paper by Carole and the medieval tapestry La dame à la licorne, which they visited together.

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