Franck Scurti

Franck Scurti

Franck Scurti
(°1965, FR)
Lives and works in Paris, France.

The works of Franck Scurti, often derived from our daily and domestic world but also from the urban space, are part of what he calls "already socialized elements." The reinterpretation consists of recompositions and shifts. The viewer plunges into a familiar world but subjected to the wanderings of the artist, which he must therefore decode anew. The artist uses the most diverse materials: metals, fabrics, cardboard, but also video or photography. The essential focus of his work is a reflection on the object, its nature, status, and identity, in the social, political, and economic contexts of the contemporary world. The artist exhibits analogy and hybridization, working from fragments of ideology, remnants of an overcoded world saturated with signs and interpretations.


Franck Scurti
Visage, 2021
Wooden rocking chair base, plastic sphere, acrylic paint
90 x 75 x 7 cm Ø

Franck Scurti
Blockheads (1), 2015
Red brick, plaster, steel, wood
58 x 32.5 x 32.5 cm

Franck Scurti
Art is a game, 2015
Sanguine on a Financial Times page
67 x 44 cm (framed)

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