Sarah Meyohas

Sarah Meyohas

Sarah Meyohas
(°1991, US)

Sarah Meyohas considers the production of value, the nature of exchange, and the romantic resonance of the sublime in a practice that seeks to reveal the systems—both innate and manufactured—that govern contemporary society. Investigating the intricacies of a broad range of media, including photography, film, holography, artificial intelligence, and the blockchain, Meyohas unearth potential connections among nature, culture, technology, and humanity. Meyohas produces an intelligible visual language that articulates the complex operations that increasingly govern our world: analog technology mimics the digital; Bitchcoin, a cryptocurrency backed by physical artworks, questions the speculative value of currency and the ineffable value of art. Meditative, contemplative, and intimate, Meyohas’swork makes visible the constructs that underlie contemporary society. Interferences are highly textural close-ups of biospheres. Meyohas is investigating the phenomenology of sensory perception that is unique to each individual viewer depending on what they bring to the experience and their physical movements in real space and time—a journey that begins visually and subtly evolves into an embodied multi- sensory experience of orifices, spikes, and gelatinous textures.

Sarah Meyohas has had several solo exhibitions including in the New Museum, New York “Forever First” (2020), “Dawn Chorus” and “Speculations” at Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, New York in 2022. Her work can be found in the collection of Centre Pompidou, Paris. She has also participated in group exhibitions like “DYOR (Do Your Own Research)” (2022) in Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland, and on various occasions with Marianne Boesky Gallery where she is represented.


Sarah Meyohas
Interference #1, 2021
Hologram, mirrored glass
Edition of 5 plus 1 AP (#1/5)
(Video for reference:
29.84 x 40 x 3.81 cm

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