Thomas Bogaert

Thomas Bogaert

Thomas Bogaert °1971, Zele, Belgium

Thomas Bogaert strolls through the world. He looks at what is happening around him and zooms in on everyday life with his film camera and drawings. “ you might call me a voyeur “ he says unquestionably in the same spirit as the British author Dylan Thomas who experienced ‘ the ordinary’ as extraordinary. Or, in the compact words of sociologist Pierre Bordieu : “ Nothing is is more arduous than to render reality tangible in all its banality ,to turn the daily commonplace into the uncommon. to bring it to a state that clarifies how uncommon it really is" (Stef Van Bellingen)


Thomas Bogaert
Second Thoughts, 2016
Acryl & flock on canvas
134,5 x 118,5 x 4 cm

Thomas Bogaert
Flower walk , 2016
Ink, pencil & acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 x 3,5

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