Essay Laure Cluitmans on the work of Filip Vervaet


In the program 'Geestverwanten' Mister Motley asks intellectuals and writers to make connections between contemporary artists and artworks from the past. Last month, curator and researcher Laurie Cluitmans visited Filip Vervaet's exhibition 'Cascade' at de Brakke Grond . For Laure Cluitmans, his installation evokes references to eighteenth-century English landscape parks, but she is also reminded of the work of Frederic Church. In his work Vervaet exactly reflects the desire that made Church build an estate: the desire to create a natural experience. An experience made and meant for people in which it is pretended that no human has been involved.

Read Cluitmans' essay now at or listen here to the recording in which she reads her text and talks about her insights.

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