MAYBE TOMORROW, Joris Ghekiere in Emergent


EXPO # 24

Joris Ghekiere (1955-2016) was a "painter for painters": a maker of refined paintings with special formal qualities such as an ingenious play with foreground and background and a substantive load that appears both dark and liberating. For this exhibition philosopher, art historian and curator Hans Theys (° 1976) made a selection from the artist's legacy. These exquisite works are supplemented for this exhibition by three artist cabinets devoted to rarely shown works by Raoul De Keyser, Walter Swennen, Luc Tuymans and Ronald Ophuis, and a selection from the oeuvre of a few young, brilliant painters and sculptors.

Joris Ghekiere
Raoul De Keyser
Walter Swennen
Luc Tuymans
Ronald Ophuis
Robbin Heyker
Anna Godzina
Felix De Clercq
Fran Van Coppenolle
Jorik Dzobava
Kasper De Vos
Max Pinckers
Nienke Baeckelandt
Robert Soroko
Simon Masschelein
Simona Mihaela Stoia
Victoria Parvanova
Zhang Xiao Xia

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