Mevlana Lipp at Frieze Seoul with CAPSULE Shanghai


We are very happy to share that our colleagues of CAPSULE Shanghai will participate at Frieze Seoul for the first time, showcasing in the Focus Asia section “Couples”, a solo presentation of new hand-painted reliefs by Mevlana Lipp (b. 1989, Cologne, Germany).

Inside the gallery’s booth, Lipp leads visitors into a bustling garden of sensory stimulation whose mysterious ecosystem is comprised of three-dimensional painting-sculpture hybrid reliefs. In this new suite of works, the artist spotlights the parallel between the core emotional impulses and drives of human beings and those of plant life.

Aiming to capture the core human yearning for connection and interaction, stripped bare of the complications of social anxieties and societal formality, the artist populates his spectral landscapes with glimmering entanglements of cosmic vegetation that embody states of desire, fusion, and intimacy.

Booth F2 at COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, September 6-9, 2023!

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