Mevlana Lipp at GRIMM Gallery New York


New work by Mevlana Lipp is on view in the group exhibition The Moon and I at GRIMM Gallery in New York, organized by Michael Plunkett.
Other participating artist are Jessica Taylor Bellamy, Marcus Cope, Anthony Cudahy, TM Davy, Matthias Franz, Michael Ho, Matthew Day Jackson, Wanda Koop, Ian Lewandowski, Alice Tippit, Eric White

The Moon and I reflects upon noir and neo-noir aesthetics in contemporary art; cinematic tropes that include nightscapes, neon-tinged environments, mysterious figures, and clue-like symbology to illustrate a puzzling metanarrative. The exhibition title refers to the 2005 Rian Johnson-directed film Brick, an homage to film noir, about a teenage loner who pushes his way into the underworld of a high school crime ring to investigate
the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. In the film, an enigmatic character performs a spoken-word rendition of the song The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze from the 1885 opera The Mikado, whose final words are 'We're very wide awake, the moon and I.’ The exhibition underscores and draws from this nonlinear convergence of narratives. The works on view range from painting to photography to film, creating an elusive story told through several visual languages with distinctive formal approaches

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