Sergio De Beukelaer at CC Mechelen


For more than twenty years, the Belgian artist Sergio De Beukelaer has combined all kinds of apparent contradictions in his colorful, sleek and geometric works. Apparently effortlessly his art moves between plane and space, text and image, seriousness and irony, painting and sculpture. Through the original concept of the fat canvas , a three-dimensional painting, the artist breaks the boundaries of classical painting. His works appropriate the space in which they are located and provide a powerful visual impact.
In the exhibition in Mechelen with the abstract title -…, Sergio De Beukelaer achieves a synthesis of his ideas around color and form, objectivity and subjectivity in three acts. The result is an artistic statement that he links both formally and content to the daily (social) media culture.
This exhibition is accompanied by an artist's publication that underlines and propagates the importance of his unique oeuvre.

Opening Friday 30.10.20
In accordance with the social distancing regulations, we can only allow a maximum number of visitors. Registration online is an obligation. Choose one of the three time blocks and register via the link below. Please note that the capacity of visitors is limited, so book your time block in time:

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