Filip Vervaet at HISK Alumni group exhibition


Thursday 16.06.2022, 18:00 > 23:00

HISK Gosset site, Building A (first floor)
Rue Gabrielle Petitstraat 4-6, 1080 Brussel

What's in an artwork? is the third in the series of HISK alumni exhibitions and highlights the versatility and diversity of the alumni. Curator Bert Ghysels titles the exhibition What's in an artwork? in analogy with the expression 'what's in a name'.

To maximize the differences between the artworks, they are displayed in metal frame compartments. These are constructed out of frames traditionally used for Gyproc walls, yet here without Gyproc wall cladding. The artworks are hanging on, and standing between, the frames. They are illuminated by general hall lighting, the same lighting for everyone. In this way, all the works of art are displayed in the same way, without being enhanced by their surroundings. Visitors can experience the work of art in all its purity, from all sides, front and back. Video works are of course shown in a closed darkened environment, so as not to affect their quality.

Bert Ghysels,
Curator of the exhibition

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